Individuals We Serve

The Trauma Recovery Center services individuals, families, children, and/or spouse of all ages who have witnessed crime or have been affected physically, emotionally, and/or behaviorally. Individuals must have been a victim, derivative victim, or witness of or has been affected by a violent crime related experience.

Services Provided

The services offered by the Trauma Recovery Center are as follows:

Resource Center – The resource center is equipped with computers, internet, printable, and reading materials. One to one support is provided with our resource specialist.

One-on-one support – A licensed professional is able to talk with and process our clients crime related traumatic experience in a non-threatening, safe, and stable environment.

Case management – The case manager assists with introducing and coaching coping strategies to reduce risk factors that hinder daily ability to thrive and manage.

System Navigator – The system navigator serves as a guide through the mazes of clinics, administrative systems, and patient support services by reinforcing continuity of care through collaborative relationships and accompanying clients as needed.

Psychiatric Services – Medication support, Psycho education regarding medication management is available to our clients.

Psychologist – Psychological testing is available to our clients.

Psycho-educational group – Provides information and support in an open and closed group setting with individuals who have experienced and/or witnessed similar experiences. Currently, TRC offers open psycho-educational groups addressing but not limited to:

Is my experience considered a crime?

What does trauma mean?

What are the cause and effect of my experience?

Open groups are offered to the public

Closed groups are tailored to specific crime-related experiences (i.e. domestic violence, rape, theft) in which individuals will meet collectively and discuss coping strategies and interventions to encourage self-awareness and empowerment. Limited case management and system navigator services are available.